- SINCE 2014 -

AJMC Trading LLP was established in 2014. The company is named after the owners, Andre Jarema and Monika Curdova. The business started off as an online retail business selling beauty products on eBay and Amazon. Monika and Andre opened their first warehouse in South East London in 2014. The business relocated to Yorkshire in 2017 as additional warehouse space was required and renting commercial premises was becoming too expensive in London.


In 2021 AJMC Trading purchased the former Modern Metal Finishes premises in Burstwick, on the outskirts of Hull to expand their business operations. Moving to a new warehouse was a team effort and it couldn't have been accomplished without all our staff helping us move our inventory, racking and office equipment. The company now owns a 10,000 sq ft warehouse as well as additional land adjoining the property which will allow for further expansion.


During its evolution, the business started developing its own brands and products and now owns two brands Kingston Tools, a range of gardening products and Lilywoods, a beauty brand mainly composed of body brushes. Our aim is to provide quality items manufactured in the UK and EU at affordable prices. If you are interested in reselling these products in your retail store, you can contact us here

- AJMC WHolesale -

In August 2022, AJMC Trading launched a new Business to Business website called AJMC Wholesale Our mission is to offer our products to online sellers, shop owners, market traders and other retailers. The website offers hundreds of products in a wide range of product categories: Business and packaging supplies, beauty, gardening products, household items, toiletries and gift sets.